Breathtaking Architectural Relic in a Modern Age… Rock of Dunamase

By: Stanley N Nwabudike

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The Rock of Dunamase is a popular historic attraction found overlooking the valley of the O’Moores, just outside Portlaoise, County Laoise on the M7 Dublin road to Portlaoise. This is one of the tourist places not frequently mentioned in the tourism industry in Ireland. 

Having procrastinated so much about visiting this great relic, partly because it is a bit difficult to access as there is no organised tour to the site and it is off a narrow country road, I finally made the trip with my best mate and I was happy that I did. 

The site has a huge significance that dates back to the early Christian period, when it was known as Dun Masc, or Masc’s Fort. The Vikings plundered the settlement in 842. Later, in the 12th century, Dunamase became an important Anglo-Norman fortification and was part of Aoife’s dowry when she married Strongbow in 1170. Despite the castle’s ruined state, visitors can get a sense of its former grandiosity that existed in its former glorious state and also the beautiful and most stunning countryside view that I have ever seen. 

This magnificent rock can be easily access if travelling with a car but you can take a bus or train to Portlaoise and take a taxi to Dunamase which will cost about €22.50 if priced well before the trip. 

This is a breathtaking architectural masterpiece nestled on top of the hills of O’Moores overlooking the beautiful and most stunning countryside. This trip is highly recommended…it is a must visit and you wouldn’t be disappointed. 


Posted: over 2 years