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A workforce shortage in western countries is creating opportunities for skilled job seekers in specific industries, wishing to pursue professional careers outside their home country. If you’re looking for greener pastures or at cross-roads professionally, this could be the chance to make a new start.

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How to approach a job migration process

  • Identify the countries offering immigration programs

    Most countries offer immigration programs, but some programs have better prospects than others, so you should search for countries that share similar values as yourself and appeal to your circumstance.

  • Apply for jobs that offer more chances of success.

    Countries that offer work immigration programs are usually trying to fill skill gaps in their economy, so ensure you align yourself to these sectors, and that your resume reflects this.

  • Get personal during your interview

    A successful job match may earn you an interview, during which your ability, knowledge and interpersonal skills may be scrutinized. Besides your technical ability, learn more about the country, culture, organization and people, you will potentially be working with

  • Your prospective employer will be your intermediary

    A successful interview means your prospective employer will act as an intermediary and file immigration papers on your behalf. Your passport, criminal check, work experience documents need to be ready

  • Research and make plans before you get there

    Once you’ve been approved to travel, start doing your own research and have some plans ahead of your travel. Life in a new country can be hectic, so having some strategy to adapt ahead of time is beneficial

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