Solar Powered Beauty in Ireland

Dublin- Summer of 2021

If you have lived In Ireland long enough, you would know not to expect a lot in the ‘summer months. The typical picture: several layered clothes, jacket and ‘hoodies’ and of course the essential umbrella or windbreaker.

Two to three days of sunlight without enough intensity for a suntan would be an added bonus. Of course, we all love the sun, maybe it is due to the lack of it all year round or the sheer therapeutic effects it has. Hence our sense of adventure and need to fulfil that desire takes us to exotic locations around the world, just to ‘get a bit of sun’. That is the quintessence of the Irish summer.

This year, so far we have had glorious weather. Gone are the heavy clothes, the umbrellas, jackets. We have had sun finally. The thing about the sun is it really brings out the best of everyone.  The beaches are filled with happy Irish men, women and children.   The Irish have always been known for their hospitality and warmth but I have seen a whole new perspective to this. The charm and friendliness is unrivalled.

The picturesque also is worth mentioning. I doubt that William Ashford, George Barrett Snr or any 18th-century artist would be bereft of any inspiration if they lived in these times.

We spent almost every weekend during the summer travelling around some of Ireland’s most exotic locations.

sona Dé Domhnaigh.

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