The Battle of the Boyne

So we got lost on our way to the Bru Na Boinne and ended up in the palace of The Boyne, which was an 18th-century Oldbridge house situated on the battle site and I was kind of glad we did. You can’t tell the story of the Irish wars without mentioning this masterpiece.

The battle was between King William iii and his father-in-law King James 11 in 1690. At stake during this war was the throne of the British Empire, the dominance of France in Europe and the control of religious power in Ireland. 

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This was the site where William of Orange defeated King James II. The building houses both original and replica weapons, canons, uniforms and swords in a chronological order that tells the story of the war with the help of a beautiful and eloquent tour guide who explains the war, its history, origin and reasons behind the war. 

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